The future of FBT & LRCM after May 2018

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6th intake of LRCM online

test intake of LRCM online

4th intake LRCM

Third intake 2010.
Second Intake LRCM.
First intake LRCM.

5th Intake LRCM

dwIncludes relying on the teacher, meditation, precious human rebirth, death, refuge.

dwIncludes karma, suffering, twelve factors of dependent origination, three trainings.

dwIncludes compassion, seven point cause and effect, exchanging self and other and Maintaining the Spirit of Enlightenment.

dw Includes an introduction to the Six Perfections and each of the Six Perfections.

dwIncludes serenity, focusing the mind, dependent arising and emptiness.

dwIncludes rational analysis, valid establishment, conventional existence.

dwIncludes Svatantrika/Prasangika distinction, analysing a chariot, unity of insight and serenity.